Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sneek Peak...Sandi Henderson!

So the Spring fabric market has just passed and we had to sit that one out. But we plan to hit Fall and check out the latest offerings from our favorite designers! Have you seen any new fabric lines you can't wait to dive into? Just seeing some sneek peaks from some our favorite designers have us begging for more! And there are some newcomers turning heads too! Michael Miller has some great lines coming for Spring '09!

Wow, with Sandi's debut of Ginger Blossom for Michael Miller being such a huge success, who knew if she could top that entrance? Well, I knew it. And I think she is gonna top it with lots of cherries! Take a look at her new line, Farmer's Market! Just fresh of the press from quilt market this month, Sandi's new fabrics are just ripe and ready for plucking! Ohhh...we can't wait to dive into this fruit basket and get cooking!

And check out a sneek of her fall line colorways as well. Simply beautiful! Sandi has definately come through for her fans!

Thanks Sandi for the great sneek peaks courtesy of your blog, portabellopixie. It isalways an enjoyable read!
Keep your eyes here for more information about the latest designs to hit market for next year. Let us know what your favorites are and we'll be stocking our webhouse with lots of yummy fabric treats from the new lines. Be one of the first to get some from us!